An introduction to us & our goals for this blog…

At BoundFitness, our mission is to promote mental and physical wellbeing through exercise so we want to use this blog to do just that! Not only will we be using research and studies to answer all your exercise related questions, we’ll be diving deep to cover a range of mental health related issues that we believe aren’t talked about enough. We want to make this blog as open and educational as possible so if there’s a topic you think we should cover, send us a dm/message or email us at boundfitness1@gmail.com! Any collaborations are welcome!

To Introduce ourselves for those who may not know much about us, here’s a quick Q&A…

How did wellbeing become a focus for BoundFitness?

Being recent graduates, we understand the pressure uni puts on students and have been there ourselves! Outside of counselling, we felt there wasn’t enough practical support for students struggling with their mental health. Our mission is to tackle mental wellbeing in the student and wider community which is why “Sweating towards a stronger mentality” is at the forefront of everything we do. The amazing mental health benefits of exercise is something we’ve experienced personally, and we wanted to get this message out to people who think “exercise isn’t for me”. We also want to create a space where all aspects of mental health can be discussed as well as the many practical things we can do daily to better our wellbeing.

What Are Some Key Barriers and Challenges To Improving Mental Health In the community?

We think the stigma of mental ill-health partly stems from a lack of education which we try to overcome by using our social media and blog to inform people of how common mental health struggles are. The more people from all walks of life share their experiences, the more we start to realise that these struggles happen to everyone- this can be really reassuring!

What Are Some Topics This Blog Will Cover?

This blog will cover a range of topics! Exercise for mental health, exercising on antidepressants, sleep, healthy eating and an in depth look at illnesses such as bulimia, depression and many more!

Follow us to keep up to date with all of our upcoming content and feel free to add your thoughts and ask any questions in the comments on all of our posts- we want the blog to be a discursive platform! 

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