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Bound Burn

A HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) style workout to boost your mood and build your tolerance to stress. HIIT training, over time, can reduce the impact stressors have on the body, just 20 mins a day can have this effect!

Bound Build

A strength based workout targeting major muscle groups. Strength training is associated with improvements in overall self-esteem and helps to build body confidence. This class will push your body and strengthen your mind. 

Bound Bands

A resistance band* workout particularly targeting your leg and glute muscles (*effective without a band too)! Strength training is associated with improvements in overall self-esteem and this feel good class promotes body positivity.

Bound Bootcamp

A circuit style class working all major muscle groups as well as your cardiovascular system. This isn’t your ordinary strength or circuits class, the format will be varied to challenge your mind and muscles! 

Bound Balance

A Pilates-inspired workout, great for relieving tension in the body. The focus on stretching the muscles and deep breathing in this class is effective at reducing stress and anxiety symptoms.

Bound Breathe

A Yin style Yoga class for deep relaxation and to promote mindfulness. As little as 1 hour a week of yoga has been found to reduce symptoms of mild-severe depression! (Although the best results have been found when practising 3+ hours a week). 

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